Our family business is based on craftsmanship

A guarantee of quality

We guarantee our Laguioles against manufacturing defects in normal use (for the maintenance of a folding Laguiole or a Laguiole steak knife, click here).

The guarantee applies without time limit.

When your Laguiole has a defect, contact us quickly. 

Our signature on the blade, together with our Certificate of Guarantee, ensures that your Laguiole is handcrafted authentically and in accordance with tradition.

A guarantee of authenticity

We are on the Aubrac, in the village of Laguiole.

In the company, we have the two trades necessary to make a Laguiole knife :

  • blacksmith
  • cutler

You will find our two trades on our Guarantee Certificate.

Elements that bear witness to authenticity and quality. Come and discover our crafts on site in Laguiole. And as in the food industry, a Certificate of Guarantee is the traceability of your Laguiole.

A Guarantee Certificate in due and proper form must indicate :

  • the name of the manufacturer
  • as well as his address, phone and email => it must be in Laguiole.
  • and finally the indication that it is a manufacturer: with the trades of blacksmiths and cutlers

So wherever you buy your Laguiole, ask for a Certificate of Warranty. 

Example of our Warranty Certificate :

A guarantee on steels

We still offer the old blade, the one that oxidizes and gives a steel taste to food. This steel is called carbon steel.

For modern steels, these are the blades that stay clean (no oxidation) and do not give a taste to food. We use Sandvik 12C27Mod and 14C28N stainless steel. 

For customized Laguiole knives, we have another specific trade: the manufacture of Damascus steel.

This steel is manufactured by the technique of laminated or wrought steel.


Legal information

French and European standards define a food-grade stainless steel if it contains at least 13% chromium.

Our distinctions

Entreprise du patrimoine vivant

France savoir-faire d'excellence

Maître artisan en métier d'art

Ateliers d'art de France

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) is an official French label issued under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance to distinguish French companies with excellent craft and industrial know-how. It is awarded for a period of five years.


France savoir-faire d'excellence

Master Craftsman. 

The titles Master Craftsman and Master Craftsman of Art are the highest distinction in the craft industry. They ensure the recognition of a know-how, pledge of confidence and quality towards the consumer.

Ateliers d'Art de France federates more than 6000 art craftsmen, artists and art manufacturers throughout France. Professional union of art craftsmen, its vocation is the promotion, representation, defence and economic development of art workshops.



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