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The prestige of craftsmanship

Coutellerie & Forges Honoré Durand Laguiole

Our traditional craftsmanship is a combination of two professions:

- the knifemaker’s trade (assembly and fashioning of the knife)

- and the blacksmith’s trade (making the blades, springs, etc.).

These different skillsets make it possible for us to repair your Laguiole knives or other models too:

a knife that has been used by different generations of your family and that you are attached to, your everyday knife which you have had since your 18th birthday and was given to you by your grandfather, etc.

Whichever Laguiole (made in France) knife you have, we can provide a solution to care for it: maintaining it, restoring it so it is as good as new or repairing it, even if sometimes the price is greater than the actual value of your knife.

To obtain a cost estimate, email us at info@layole.com enclosing photos and a description of your requirements.

Coutellerie & Forges Honoré Durand Laguiole


List of our repair services:

- sharpening and buffing (free service for our products)

- blade: replacing the blade, replacing worn pins, fitting a hanging ring, etc.

- spring: replacing worn or broken spring (for your information, the springs that we make very rarely fit other knives).

- handle: replacing the handle

- corkscrew: - replacing the corkscrew


For your information:

- We carry out any repairs after our cost estimate has been accepted and we have received payment.

- Cost estimates made on the basis of photos are not binding on us. We cannot provide a complete and binding cost estimate until we actually have the knife.

- We only offer a warranty for the part that we have repaired (even if the repair requires complete disassembly of your knife). We cannot be held liable for any other part, even if it has been disassembled during our repair work.


Examples of repairs

Warthog tooth inlays

Couteau Laguiole Greffes en dent de phacochère

New blades

Laguiole - Nouvelle lame Damas    Nouvelle lame Laguoile

Replacing the blade

Changement de lame Laguiole

Reconditioning handle and mechanism

Manche & mécanisme revus - Laguiole

Replacing the handle

Changement de manche Laguiole    Changement de manche de couteau Laguiole

Special chiseling and rivets

Ciselages & rivets spéciaux - Laguiole

Repair with new handle

Remise en état avec nouveau manche couteau Laguiole

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