Folding knives: 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13cm ?


Whenever we give the size of a Laguiole folding knife, we mean the size of the handle measured in centimetres.
We propose several sizes of knife : 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 cm. (other sizes are available in the Collection range : 15 cm, 17 cm.)
The choice of the knife's size is easy to make and varies according to whether a man, woman or child.
The knife size conditions the price, the weight and most of all the good handhold.


How to choose one's knife size ?

For women:

The 11 cm Laguiole knife is the ideal handle size for a regular use.
To carry your knife in your handbag and make use of it during picnics or when travelling, the 10cm is a good compromise between its weight, size and handle size.

For men:
12 cm is the ideal size for a Laguiole knife.
The 13cm size is meant for men with large hands.
The 11cm size is not very nice in case of regular use.

For children:
12 cm is the ideal size for a Laguiole knife.
In former days, families used to offer the first Laguiole knife the day of the solemn communion. This gift was the symbol of the change from chilhood to adulthood.
For safety reasons, you could be tempted to choose a small size handle for your child. Beware, all knives have the same "dangerousness". To cut oneself is an experience we all got one day and in most cases the consequences are benign. The dangerous aspect comes from the blade tip and all knife blades are pointed.
Take into consideration the fact that your child is going to grow up... and very quickly!
Do not hezitate to ask us to round off the tip of the Laguiole knife blade. This is a free service.

All the sizes are available in the Standard range, Prestige range and Collection range.



The corresponding dimensions


Size for folding knives

Average total length

Average blade length

Laguiole 8 cm handle lenght

14,50 cm

6,50 cm

Laguiole 9 cm handle lenght

16,60 cm

7,50 cm

Laguiole 10 cm handle lenght

18,70 cm

8,70 cm

Laguiole 11 cm handle lenght

19,90 cm

8,90 cm

Laguiole 12 cm handle lenght

22 cm

10 cm

Laguiole 13 cm handle lenght

24,20 cm

11,20 cm

Laguiole 15 cm handle lenght

28,20 cm

13,20 cm




Sizes for the main tableware

Average total length

Average handle length

Table knife

23,30 cm

12 cm

Table fork

21,50 cm

12 cm

Table soup spoon

22,30 cm

12 cm

Dessert-cheese knife

19,50 cm

11 cm

Dessert fork

17,20 cm

9 cm

Dessert Spoon

16,70 cm

9 cm

Cheese knife

24 cm

12 cm

Salad Set

25,80 cm

12 cm

Butter knife or spreader

17,80 cm

10 cm


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