Laguiole pocket knives

Instructions for a Laguiole Honoré Durand's self-assembly

Instructions for a Laguiole Honoré Durand's self-assembly

Ladies and gentlemen, dear customer. Thank you for your interest in our Laguiole cutlery. You will find below the download link for a Laguiole kit. Feel free to send us your comments or questions, or even to send us photos of your Laguiole once finished viaour contact page.
Laguiole knives with a forged bee have a hand-chiseled spring, a blade with guard and a slight shaping handle for a better handling. A 10cm Laguiole knife (handle length) is recommended for children up to 12 years old. If you want,  we can free of charge and without damaging the knife : - round off the blade- soften the edge Please precise it in your...
Kit accessories

Bag of 10 brass screws

Diameter 2.2 mm - Length 12 mm For hard wood, drill it 2.1 mm For tender wood, drill it 2 mm Vis laiton : Phillips 0 - Vis inox : Phillips 1
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