Blade and spring engraving

Diamond-made blade engraving:

On each of our Laguiole knives, we propose to engrave your name and/or firstname on the blade. We use a pantograph with a diamond. It is the same technique as jewellers'.
Diamond engraving is permanent (avoid all abrasive when cleaning your knife, it will scratch the blade).
Beware: Initials are engraved in capital letters

Gravure diamant sur lame

Laguiole knife spring engraving:

With the forged bee, you can have your initials or you name or surname hand-chiselled on the spring. This work is done before quenching and before any fitting. The delivery time is longer.
Beware: this option is possible only for the Prestige range folding knives with massive spring and bee and all the Collection range knives.

Firm logos engraving on the blades – please contact us.

Spring engraving

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