The sheaths allow your faithful table or pocket knife to develop a fine patina, as your Laguiole knife is protected against any knocks that might occur if it is in a drawer, bag or pocket. The sheaths are made in France and most of them in Laguiole village itself. When it comes to sharpening, you will find sharpening steels for maintaining the edge (when your Laguiole knife can still cut) and whetstones for sharpening the blunt edge (when your Laguiole knife can no longer cut).

Leather pocket sheath with molded logo - Black NB: according to the arrivals, the leathers of our cases can vary (colour, grain...), the photos are not contractual. The leathers may show slight scars. Possible marks and variations in colour are inherent to the leather and underline its beauty. They are appreciated by connoisseurs and attest to the purity...
Suitable for Laguiole knives with double plates OR with the 10 mm wider handle.The belt loop is angled and allows either horizontal or vertical wearing (belt height 40 mm maximum). NB: according to the arrivals, the leathers of our sheaths can vary (color, grain...), the photographs are thus not contractual.
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