Collectibles - stainless steel blade

These are the models that have their origins in the history of the Laguiole knife or have forms that take their inspiration from the models of yesteryear. A blend of traditional and modern.

Collectibles - stainless steel blade

The Dinosaur

Folding Laguiole knife, full handle in fossilised sauropod bone and 12 cm meteorite with the bee and spring chiselled by hand with a chisel. Dinosaur : Sauropod.Slice of fossilised sauropod dating from the Cretaceous period (75 million years ago).Provenance: State of Utah in the United States.A certificate of authenticity for the sauropod slice will be...
Collectibles - stainless steel blade

The Meteorite

Laguiole folding knife, full 12 cm meteorite handle. Hand-chiselled bee with the motif of a burning meteorite re-entering the atmosphere. Hand-chiselled spring representing the features on the meteorite. Name of the meteorite: SeymchanSeymchan is a pallasite meteorite found in the dry bed of the Hekandue River, a left tributary of the Yasachnaya River in...
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