Whatever the Laguiole knife (made in France), we can provide a solution for its maintenance, restoring or repair, even if sometimes the estimate is more important than the value of your knife.

Our craft manufacturing is composed of 2 trades:

  • the knifemaker's trade (assembly and shaping of the knife)
  • the blacksmith's trade (manufacture of blades, springs, ...)

These different skillsets make it possible for us to repair your Laguiole knives or other models too.

A knife that has been used by different generations of your family and that you are attached to, your everyday knife which you have had since your 18th birthday and was given to you by your grandfather, etc.

For a quote, send us a message at info@layole.com with pictures and your expectations.

Listing of our repair service

Sharpening & polishing (free service for our knives) 

Replacing the blade

Replacing worn or broken spring

(for your information, the springs that we make very rarely fit other knives).

Replacing the handle

Replacing the corkscrew

(for your information, the springs that we make very rarely fit other knives).

Information about our repair service

We repair your knife after acceptance of our quotation and receipt of payment.

  • Estimates based on photos are not binding. It is only after having the knife physically in our hands that we can finalize the quotation completely and that it is binding on us.
  • We commit ourselves on the guarantee only of the part repaired by us (even if the repair requires the complete dismantling of your knife). We cannot be held responsible for any other part even if it has been disassembled by our repair.

Examples of repairs

Warthog tooth inlays

Change of blade

Change of blade

Reconditioning handle and mechanism

Chiselling and special rivets

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