Folding knives: 1, 2 or 3 pieces ?


Before you purchase, it is important to choose the number of pieces you wish on your knife. This choice depends on each one and has got an impact on the aesthetic, practical and utilitarian aspect of the knife and on its final cost as well.
All the pieces variations are available in the Standard range , the Prestige range , and Collection range.


The different models we propose


The 1 piece Laguiole knife: only the blade

Manufacturing: 109 stages for this type of model.
It is the sober and less expensive version in all of our ranges with a regular handle shape, light general curves and shape. It is the shape of the first Laguiole knives produced between 1829 and 1840.


The 2 pieces Laguiole knife:

The blade with the corkscrew OR the punch.
Manufacturing: 166 stages for this type of model.

With the corkscrew:
The essential utensil for the lovers of good food which can save situations in case of improvised picnic. It first appeared in 1880 and since then, it success has never been denied.

With the punch:
A useful tool to pierce various materials, its origins are deep into the tradition of the Aubrac cow breeding. It appeared in 1840. The cows having the paunch which inflates resulting from the fermentation of wet grass the punch was used to perforate the paunch (see the hystory page on this website). The punch was also used to pierce leather. Nowadays its presences has become less vital but it still can get things moving again. It brings an additional aesthetic touch to the knife.


The 3 piecesLaguiole knife:

the blade, the corkscrew and the punch.
Manufacturing: 216 stages for this type of model.

With the corkscrew and the blade:  The complete Laguiole knife. (See the paragraph above for more details).

Each piece can be personalized on demand: see the Collection range on this website.
The corkscrews and punches are stainless steel like the bees and springs.
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