Steak knives & table cutlery

Laguiole table cutlery

The pleasure of entertaining, sharing a convivial moment around a meal, the Art de la table range of our cutlery will enable you to honourably accompany your starters, dishes and desserts! Table knives, forks, spoons, Laguiole services, for meat or fish, find here our services and our Laguiole housewives.

Blade : approximately 19 cm length Damascus carbon steel forged in our Laguiole workshops (Damascus carbon steel oxidises when it comes into contact with food - natural oxidation) approximately 2.7 mm thick the blade runs through the handle Damascus steel rear bolster. Total length of the knife: approximately 34 cm.
The Honoré Durand Laguiole table knives and forks in red mammoth molar are handcrafted in our Laguiole workshops. They will grace your tables with elegance. Start or complete your Laguiole household with unique cutlery. A mammoth molar handle is fragile. You need to be careful with it. Hand washing recommended.
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