Folding knives: prestige range or standard range ?


Save for the Collection range Laguiole knives, La Coutellerie de Laguiole proposes two ranges of standard products :
- the Standard range.
- the Prestige range, up-market models, better finish.


The differences existing between the prestige range and the standard range:

  folding knives
Standard range
folding knives
Prestige range
The materials used for wood handles Standard handle materials

5 woods:
rosewood, violetwood, olive tree, boxwood, palissander.
Noble handle materials. Careful wood pattern selection. Wide choice of wood materials.

20 wood materials:
rosewood, violetwood, olive tree, boxwood, palissander, amourette, serpentwood, juniper, green oak, ebony, Bulnesia (gaïac), walnut tree, palm tree, pistachio, wild pear tree, apple tree, plum tree, thuya, blue stabilized wood, broom.
The materials used for horn, bone or stag wood handles Pressed horn only

This comes from the bottom part of the horn which is the hollow part of it. The horn is sliced in chuncks which are heated and pressed in a mould, then cutted of. Pressed horn is tender and more fragile than horn tip.

It is the most sensitive to water.
Massive horn tip.
This comes from the massive noblest part of the horn: the tip. Small bars are cut from the horn and then fixed and worked directly on the handle. It does not undergo heating constraint like pressed horn does.
Horn tip is the tougher part of the horn. It has got finest features and wonderful colours.
In a horn tip we only make one knife handle...

Other materials:
Bone, stag wood

Thickness and curves of the handles

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Rough-hewed handle. Conventional shape. Evenly flat. Hand-made. Hand-made handle. Thicker, larger curves and thus, more materials for a better grip. (we can not curve bone handle due to thinness material).
Spring and bee Machine-decorated spring.
As forged spring inside.
Like for 90% of the laguiole knives the bee is soldered on the spring.
Notch free and chiselling free blade.
Massive bee forged in one piece with the spring AND hand-chiselled spring for all 11cm and 12cm one-piece knives.
The Cutler chooses the chiselling. If you want a special chiselling, just ask us an estimate on ‘Collection range knives’ web page.
This finishing off option is available with a small extra charge for the other knives with a different size and model.
The massive bee has a blade stop to prevent the knife edge from being damaged when closing the knife (exept for the threepieces knives).
Shiny spring inside polished.
Butée de lame Butée de lame
Arc welded bee Forged massive bee
Butée de lame
Bolsters Massive brass bolsters.
Massive stainless steel bolsters.
Massive brass bolsters.
Massive stainless steel bolsters.
Massive unpolished stainless steel bolsters.
Global finishing off Standard finishinf off.
No specific alterations.
Carefull finshing off:
- precise and made-to-measure fitting of the handle with the plates and bolster
nicer and high-performance mechanism (interaction of the spring with the blade)
- for many models, blade stop (the blade top does not have a contact with the spring).
Customizing Blade engraving only.
Blade steel choice (12C27 stainless steel or traditional XC75 steel).
Blade engraving.
Spring engraving.
Blade steel choice (12C27 stainless steel or traditional XC75 steel and also 14C28N stainless steel)
And all the options of the Collection range...
Price From 20 to 60 euros From 45 to 130 euros
  Having a passion for the knives, we deliberately direct our customers towards the prestige range. Nonetheless, the standard range with its lower finishing off allows us to propose genuine Laguiole knives with appealling prices.

Whatever the range you choose, we guaranty the artisanal manufacturing the same way: with a Guarantee Card which stands for the guarantee with our NAME and full address on it.
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