Laguiole pocket knives

Laguiole folding pocket knife

Emblematic representative of the French folding pocket knife, the Laguiole knife is available in several forms. We are pleased to present here our range of folding pocket knives. Our folding pocket knives are made by hand, respecting the traditions of Aveyron. Honoré Durand, master craftsman in Laguiole, is surrounded by a team of cutlers and blacksmiths, who make and assemble from A to Z the parts of your Laguiole knife. Our Laguiole folding knives are grouped by size, by model, by option or by specificity. You will also find here our Laguiole knives in kit form for the passionate do-it-yourselfers.

Laguiole knives with a forged bee have a hand-chiseled spring, a blade with guard and a slight shaping handle for a better handling. A 10cm Laguiole knife (handle length) is recommended for children up to 12 years old.If you want,  we can free of charge and without damaging the knife : - round off the blade- soften the edge Please precise it in your order...
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