What engraving for my Laguiole knife ?

Diamond-made blade engraving

On all our Laguiole knives, we propose to engrave your name and/or first name on the blade. We use a pantograph with a diamond. It is the same engraving made by the jewellers. 

The diamond engraving is unalterable (avoid abrasives of any kind when cleaning the blade of your Laguiole, you scratch the blade). 

The engraving is carried out according to the model opposite: the first letter is in capital letters, the following ones in lower case for aesthetic reasons. Please specify the accents for lower case letters.

Your very long texts: it's not aesthetic and we'll have to engrave it very small. Beyond a certain length (3 to 4 words) it won't fit on the blade. 

On your explicit request, we engrave exactly what you ask for. But your spelling mistakes, ... will also be engraved ... 

Please be careful: The initials are engraved in capital letters.

Laguiole knife spring engraving:

For our Laguiole knives with a forged bee, we can engrave a name, first name, initials, date on the spring.

The engraving work requires the complete manufacture of your Laguiole. 

Therefore the average manufacturing and shipping time is between 8 and 12 days.

What engraving for my Laguiole wine opener ?

Bolster engraving

For our Laguiole wine opener, we can engrave a name, first name, initials, date on the bolster.

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