Making a responsible Laguiole knife

La Coutellerie Honoré Durand is constantly innovating in order to offer knives that not only respect ancestral manufacturing traditions, but also respect the planet and its future.

A new approach to the recycling of raw materials

We have one objective: to revalue all raw materials in all our production. 

In our blacksmith's workshop, the steel plates needed to manufacture blades, bolsters and plates are melted down again to become new steel plates that we will rework again. The cycle is infinite.

We give new life to materials

In our Coutelier workshop, we make every effort to use all materials.  Wood and horn scraps will be reused to make multi-material handles, but also to make knife holders and decorative objects for our stores.

The deer antlers are collected in the forests of the Aubrac plateau and its boraldes (tributaries of the Lot which descend from the Aubrac plateau).

The black morta we use is oak with fossilized heartwood, found in bogs.

Barrel oak is the third life of the wood. After living as a tree and then used to "exchange" with the wine in barrel form. Finally, it is used as a knife handle. As the wood has already been worked, its veining is rougher.

We can restore your old Laguiole knife. Don't throw it away, we can surely repair it and thus reduce the production of waste.


Rainwater, a necessary resource for our profession

We recover rainwater from all our roofs and use it in all our manufacturing processes and in particular for the grinding of our blades. 

Reducing our carbon footprint

Laguiole Honoré Durand knives are distributed worldwide.

Since the 1980's we have developed a network of dealers in many countries. Thanks to this, we can make the whole world discover our unique know-how, while reducing our ecological footprint.

If you wish to join our adventure and share our know-how, click here.

Solidarity initiatives

La Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand supports more than a dozen Trails throughout the department of Aveyron as well as the associations that maintain and mark out the paths. 

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