Couteau à pain Laguiole. Finition inox brillant avec manche galbé en bois de rose
Couteau à pain Laguiole. Finition inox brillant avec manche galbé en bois de rose

Laguiole bread knife with shiny stainless steel bolsters. Wide rosewood handle


Recommended manual cleaning

NB : Delivery outside the European Union is not possible for a rosewood handle (International Convention).

Length of handle
: 13 cm
: Welded bee
: 2 stainless steel bolsters in shiny finish
Nature of the handle
: Rosewood
Shaping and finish of handle
: Wider handle (prestige range)
: Stainless steel

Personalized engravings

First name and/or last name and/or initials (modern Latin alphabet characters). For the first and last name, the first letter is engraved in upper case and the following letters in lower case. Initials are engraved in upper case. Check the accents carefully. Read more

Product customization

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The Laguiole bread knife Honoré Durand is a knife with a serrated stainless steel blade. Both robust and elegant, it is the ideal knife for cutting all types of bread on a daily basis.

Dimensions of the knife :
Length of the blade: 17 cm
Length of the handle: 13 cm
Total length: 30 cm

Gentle manual cleaning.
For the blade: clean the blade with a damp sponge and washing-up liquid, then wipe dry and store.
For the handle: clean the handle only if it is dirty. To clean the handle, use a damp cloth, wipe and store.

Product Details

Engraving on blade - done immediately
Spring engraving - with an average lead time of 10 to 14 days
Blade length
13 cm
Total length
30 cm
Manual washing with care

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