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The Laguiole folding pocket knife models

Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand offers you 4 main models of folding pocket knife. We generally talk about the number of parts (or tools) that you will find on your Laguiole knife. The number of parts affects the aesthetics of the knife and its price. Some models, because of their complexity, offer less choice than other more classic models (the blade only model - without corkscrew). You can nevertheless ask for a quote for a custom-made model, via our customised Laguiole knife form.

Our models :

  1. Laguiole knife 1 piece blade only
  2. Laguiole knife 2 pieces blade and corkscrew
  3. Laguiole knife 2 pieces blade and awl
  4. Laguiole knife 3 pieces blade, awl and corkscrew
Our Laguiole with welded bee have a slim handle and the spring is chiseling die.The drill of the corkscrew is stainless.The horn pressed due to its nature is a fragile material which should not be absolutely wet.Cf. our advice of maintenance at the bottom of page in the section " More information " or consult the page ÿ"Maintain his Laguiole knife" ÿ
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