Laguiole by size

The different sizes of a Laguiole folding pocket knife.

When we talk about the size of a Laguiole folding pocket knife, we mean the length of the handle. Please note: we recommend the sizes of our knives according to gender and average hand size. We recommend 11 cm for women10 cm for children and 12 cm for men. The 13 cm are ideal for large hands.

Our Laguiole with welded bee have a slim handle and the spring is chiseling die. A 10cm Laguiole knife (handle length) is recommended for children up to 12 years old. If you want,  we can free of charge and without damaging the knife : - round off the blade- soften the edge Please precise it in your order at the 3rd step named "Address", or by email. NB :...
The Damascus steel of our blades is manufactured in our old forge in Laguiole. You can visit this forge all year round. With this Laguiole knife in Damascus blade, receive a free leather pocket case. Please select the color of the latter. Without your choice, the default color is black. NB : Delivery outside the European Union is not possible for a...
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